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Posted on 02 Aug, 2010 by Kirstie

So you have decided it is time to move some of your services into that magical land we know as the cloud....should you be worried about how easy it is going to be for outsiders to get their hands on your data?  The simple answer is “of course you should!”
But before you step away from the cloud, these risks are the same risks you face in your current in-house data stores.  In many cases, particularly for the small and medium businesses (SMBs) who are looking to provide some of their services through this new medium, your data security will be improved with a move to the cloud.

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Posted on 28 Jul, 2010 by Kirstie

Cloud computing is the real buzz in Service Management, there is lots of talk of “Cloud sourcing” your service desk as the next big thing.  So is it really all it is cracked up to be?

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Posted on 04 Nov, 2009 by Kirstie

Serio 6 is coming, and you might be surprised at what it is going to offer you!

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Posted on 03 Mar, 2009 by Kirstie

My next few posts will be for Serio users.  Serio is a powerful ITSM toolset and when I go onsite with customers I often realise that they are not using the tool to their full advantage.  In the coming days I am going to explore some of the features you may not be aware of.

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Posted on 05 Dec, 2008 by Kirstie

Apollo 13 by Gaming Works

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Posted on 02 Sep, 2008 by Kirstie

Just what does ITIL “Compliant” mean when we are talking about Service Desk Software? In my opinion, absolutely nothing!

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Posted on 22 Jul, 2008 by Kirstie

I don’t think there is anyone in the IT Service Management world who would argue the importance of the Service Catalogue, but just where do you start?

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Posted on 26 Jun, 2008 by Kirstie

Continual Service Improvement is a crucial part of the ITIL lifecycle. Success of CSI requires metrics, but some organisations just don’t seem to know where to stop when gathering data.

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Posted on 13 Jun, 2008 by Kirstie

This is something I have been thinking about for a while - having a husband working in Fleet maintenance and struggling with being able to provide an appropriate service to the end users has made me wonder why we keep the ITIL lifecycle tucked up in our little IT world. 

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Posted on 09 May, 2008 by Kirstie

We are very pleased to launch our new website today, was well overdue for a facelift, so we hope you like the new look.

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Posted on 01 May, 2008 by Kirstie

The New Zealand IT Service Management Forum held its annual conference at the Wellington Convention Centre from May12-14. 

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